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Sub-Zero Oceans

Subnautica: Below Zero is a survival game created by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. The game is counted as a stand-alone expansion rather than an expansion pack for Subnautica. Players take an adventure to a more frigid, alien underwater environment. They can expect more creatures to discover and develop new technologies.

Rude Awakening From Space

Subnautica: Below Zero takes place years after the original game. Set on the same Planet 4546B, players return to this alien world. This time, they will dive into a new ocean region with freezing temperatures. Players assume the role of a scientist assigned to study Planet 4546B. Stationed at The Vesper, their job is to study alien artifacts from that planet. The Vesper is a man-made space station that sends supplies and instructions from the commanders. It is also the hub that receives the samples launched from Planet 4546B. Unfortunately, The Vesper crashes into the planet. Players are stranded again in a hostile environment, away from civilization. Their only means of communication is on another far-away space station. Players have to rise up from the tragic crash landing of The Vesper. The survival game retains the quintessential mechanics of Subnautica and other similar games. Players have to gather materials, scavenge for food, build habitable bases, craft high-tech tools, and discover aquatic locations. One of Subnautica’s defining feature is studying wildlife like a scientist. This enables them to learn more about the world and how to survive. There are also alien artifacts lying on the planet and they need to study them to learn their secrets. Players can expect never-before-seen threats during their adventure. Threats range from hostile creatures to environmental hazards. Lifeforms will either help or hurt the player so they must be careful before interacting with them. There are also new locations to inhabit as a safe haven. Some of the explorable locations are Twisty Bridges, ice floes, snowy peaks, icy caves, and underwater Thermal Vents.

Underwater Arctic Explorers

Subnautica: Below Zero provides new environments and species to discover. Beginners wouldn’t get lost due to the user-friendly guides. Even long-time fans of Subnautica will be surprised with the changes in this game. The game piques interest in exploring exotic locations and discovering ancient aliens.


  • New underwater biomes
  • Never before seen aquatic lifeforms
  • A different game plot that expands from the original game
  • Same game mechanics


  • Missing original biomes and lifeforms
  • Too restrictive game guide
  • Diminished exploration experience
  • Very dull-colored environments


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Subnautica: Below Zero


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